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Thank you all for contributing to the CCI image competition 2014! 

The image competition is over for this year and we congratulate the winner Rakesh Kumar Banote, Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry


 “Image displays the hind brain of 96 hrs old zebrafish embryos showing reticulospinal neurons (red) and motor neurons (green). Retrograde labelling was performed to trace neural connections in transgenic (gata2:GFP) 72hrs embryos, using rhodamine dextran, that was injected into the spinal cord. After recovery for 24hrs in Hank's solution they were examined under the LSM700 inverted confocal microscope for dye labeling in the hindbrain. The bigger size neurons in red shows Mauthner cells (M-Cell) which are responsible for the escape behavior in zebrafish. As noticeable from the image, the axon of the M-cell reaches the midline of the hindbrain and then descends caudally along the spinal cord. (Thanks for the aid of Dr. Petronella Kettunen during this staining!)” 

From the 10 pre-selected images this image recived most of the votes on the CCI facebook page!


Selected images submitted to the image competition 2014:

Anneli Stensson, Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

1. Blood vessel in mouse. The tile image was acquired on LSM510 Meta microscope, using a 10x air objective 








2. ”Cinnamon bun” from a mouse colon, stained for IgA (green) and IgM (red). The tile image was acquired on LSM510 Meta microscope, using a 10x air objective







Marta Perez, Department of Neurophysiology. Dendrite from pyramidal neuron filled with Alexa-488. The picture was taken using super-resolution 3D-SIM microscopy on the  ELYRA system, using 100x/1.45 oil objective, and reconstructed by surface 3D rendering with Zen2011 processing software.


Xuefeng Zhu, Department of Medical Biochemistry & Cell Biology. Budding yeast picture captured with the AxioObserver widefield microscope. The green GFP tag the transcription factor Med3. Blue colour indicate DNA and Red colour indicate yeast cell wall of a subset of the cells.






Marco Suarez, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Confocal tile scan image of an anammox biofilm stained with Acridine Orange, which allows to make a distinction between DNA (green) and RNA (red). A ciliate is also stained with a FISH probe targeting eukaryotes (blue). DIC was used to discern the ciliate morphology. The image was acquired on a LSM700 inverted microscope using a 40x/1.3Oil objective.



Jenny Lindström, Biological and Environmental Sciences. Salmon intestine section stained for sodium potassium ATPases. Red fluorophore shows an antibody staining several isoforms of the ATPase and green fluorophore an antibody specific against sodium potassium ATPase 1c. The tile image (2x4) was acquired on the AxioObserver widefield microscope using a 10x/0.3 objective.


Ruijin Shao, Department of Physiology/Endocrinology, Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology. Localization of ERalpha and ERbeta in rat Fallopian tube. Image was acquired on the LSM510 META miroscope, using 63x/1.4 oild objective.




More examples of images acquired by CCI users and staff:


Eva Ernfridsson, Microbial analytics ab, and Maria Smedh, CCI

A 3D reconstruction of a confocal image, consisting of three autofluorescence channels and one reflection channel, of a small piece of stone covered by unknown microorganisms.





Malin Hernebring, Dep. of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Maria Liljevald/ Anna-Lena Loyd, AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal, Carolina Tängemo
Mouse blastocyst counter stained for three different markers.
Images were acquired on a LSM700 inverted microscope, using a LD C-Apochromat 40x/1.1W Korr objective.  




Marta Perez Alcazar, Dep of Neurophysiology/ Carolina Tängemo/ Maria Smedh.
Image of one neuron in a rat brain tissue labeled with a mercury Golgi stain. The image was acquired in reflection mode using a 63x/1.4Oil objective on a LSM780 microscope. The 3D stack was then reconstructed using "Surface reconstruction mode" in the ZEN2011 software. 







Julia Fernández-Rodríguez/Tommy Nilsson, CCI

Electron tomography of Golgi stacks. A digital slice through the 3D volume of an electron tomographic reconstruction illustrates the appearance of the Golgi area seen before addition of propranolol (top), 3 minutes after addition of propranolol (middle field) and 2 minutes after removal of protranolol (bottom). Each membrane-delineated structure present in this digital slice was analyzed throughout the 3D volume and color-coded. In blue, Golgi cisterna or structures continuous with a Golgi cisterna except membrane buds; In red, vesicles; In green, tubular structures; In yellow, membrane buds.



Teresa Lagergård/Julia Fernández-Rodríguez, Department of Microbiology, Göteborg University and CCI

HELA cells infected with Adenovirus 5 expressing green flourescent protein and the subunit B from Haemophilus ducreyi cytolethal distending toxin (HdCDT). The infected cells (green) are stained with DAPI (nuclei in blue) and an antibody to HdCDT (red). The image was acquired with the LSM 510 META microscope, using 63x/1.4 oil objective.


Zarah Pernber, Inst. of Clinical Neuroscience, Göteborg University.

Confocal image of an astrocyte with intracellular sulfatide staining. Stellate shaped astrocyte labelled with Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (red) and sulfatide (green) containing vesicles spread along the processes and densely packed within the cell body.



Carl Simonsson,  Department of Chemistry, Göteborg University.

3D multiphoton image of the penetration of sulforhodamine in normal skin.



Anna Tonning, Institute of Biomedicine, Göteborg University

An expanding tracheal tube in the Drosophila embryo. A luminal chitin filament (green) surrounded by the tracheal epithelium (red).




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