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Centre for Cellular Imaging


Centre for Cellular Imaging (CCI) is an advanced light microscopy Facility that focuses on the imaging of biological events at the cellular/molecular level of fixed or living cells or tissue since 2003. The Centre is open to All Researches. We train you in using the systems and advice you on specimen preparation. In addition, we teach undergraduate and graduate students in cellular imaging.

Here at CCI you can image multi-color fluorescent specimens, make 3D images, time-lapse experiments with living specimens, measure molecular mobility and interactions, make correlative LM/EM imaging, carry out super resolution structured illumination (SIM) and single-molecule localization (PALM) microscopy, perform High Content Screening microscopy and much more. We also offer the Laser Microdissection and Pressure Catapulting technology for non-contact sample handling using medical and biological materials for RNA or DNA recovery, protein analysis and also for cloning/live cell culture purposes.


Contact Information

Centre for Cellular Imaging

Box 435, 40530 Göteborg

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Delivery and visitors

Delivery address
Medicinaregatan 1G
413 90 Gothenburg

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Medicinaregatan 7A
413 90 Gothenburg

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